Pen Holder

The Handiest Little Device; A Fridge Pen Holder Pouch

I don’t know about your situation, but in our house virtually every morning there has been at LEAST one, usually two, three or more “morning meetings” going on at any one time. And before each meeting the battle cry would sound, “I NEED A PEN OR PENCIL!!”

Everyone would begin to scramble to find a pen or pencil.

And then the funniest thing happened – an Amazon seller – out of the blue – contacted me asking if I wanted to test out their little Fridge Pen Holder Pouch that has a magnet built into it.

Pen Holder

A little device that you can slide a pen and pencil into, stick it to your fridge door with the magnet built into it and there you have it – one central place to go to before your Zoom call to grab a pen or pencil.

If you want to see this little Fridge Pen Holder Pouch in action, here is my YouTube video of me “unboxing” it. Watch for the funny part in the video when I go to the fridge door at my Mom’s only to see that it is stainless steel!

News flash, the magnet does not stick to stainless steel! But don’t despair, my fridge at home is not stainless. In fact it is very stained – but that is another story.

Disclosure – I received this pen/pencil holder free of charge so that I could provide a review. However, as always, editorial control of what I say remains with me and me alone. My comments are my own and are not influenced by the fact that this was given to me.