The Hide Out Cafe in New Westminster

Today I needed a break from my office so I slipped away for a bowl of soup at The Hide Out Cafe in New Westminster.

Cream of Mushroom Soup
Cream of Mushroom Soup


The soup of the day today was Cream of Mushroom. And what a wonderfully delicious soup it was!

I asked Grant the Chef how he managed to create such a rich and creamy texture to his soup. He replied that he did not want to give away all of his secrets but he would say that, “You never use milk when making cream soups.” Whatever he uses, it works.

The hint of truffle oil he adds is a delicate touch. He told me that he uses a quality truffle oil, not the cheap kind that has an overpowering taste and smell.

The Prep Area
The Prep Area

The most amazing thing about the Hide Out Cafe is that Grant, the Chef prepares all his soups and around 100 wraps and sandwiches (a day) in a kitchen area that is smaller than the average condo kitchen.

Grant invited me to return another time to try his smoked tomato chowder. Another customer sitting nearby said that I have to return to sample the Irish Stew. She said that there is a significant amount of Guiness beer in the stew. Both sound delicious and I will definitely be back to sample the wraps and the other soups that are being served.

The bowl of cream of mushroom soup I enjoyed cost $4.99 and came to a total of $5.59 when the HST was added to the price.

The Hide Out Cafe is located at 716 Carnarvon Street, across from the Court House. You can call ahead to get them to have your lunch ready if you are in a hurry. Call at 604-516-3344.

The pictures I have used in this post are taken with the camera in my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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