The Hideout Cafe

Even though I had not been into The Hideout Cafe for at least three years (only because I no longer have an office near them), when I entered the cafe, the woman working there greeted me with a big smile and asked where I had been. Still offering awesome customer – would their food be just as good as I remember?

The Hideout Cafe
Thai Chicken Wrap and Soup

I ordered the Thai chicken wrap – and had them put it through the grill thingy to warm it up.

The wrap (actually a half of a wrap because they are massive) was stuffed with roasted chicken breast, rice, red and green peppers, cilantro, basil, sweet chili sauce, Thai slaw, peanut sauce, soy sauce and green onions. Yes, it was full of freakishly good flavours!

Because I was really hungry, I asked for a bowl of their Thai yam coconut soup. A perfect bowl of soup. Big chunks of yam and carrot with the sweetness of the coconut. Wonderful.

It is obvious that The Hideout Cafe has not lost their groove. I will be returning.

The Hideout Cafe is located at 716 Carnarvon Street in New Westminster.