The Horn of Plenty Cafe

I made it into the Horn of Plenty Cafe in Agassiz today before 3pm so I had one of their kangaroo burgers.

It was very cool. The server told me they cook kangaroo burgers medium rare because the meat is so lean and I’ll say I’m glad it they only cook it medium rare because the meat was incredibly lean. And full of flavour!

When I cut a chunk of the kangaroo burger off and tasted it without any bun or sauce it did have a pretty strong taste, but when I closed the burger up and ate it burger-style, it was amazing. The strong flavour of the meat combined with the burger sauce, tomato, onion and lettuce to make a really tasty burger.

Oh, and the home cut fries were excellent.

Next time I’m going through Agassiz I’ll stop at the Horn of Plenty Cafe and try the ostrich burger.

The Horn of Plenty Cafe is located at 2406 Lougheed Hwy – it is at the corner where if you turn one way you go up to Harrison Hotsprings and if you turn the other way you go to Agassiz.

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