The Inner Sanctum of Paladin Security

Perhaps my favourite part of being a blogger is being allowed past doors with signs that say Restricted Area.

Restricted Access
Restricted Access

While I was on my end-of-the-summer cruise to Alaska I was invited behind a door like this, THREE times.

I had a tour of the massive kitchen of the Celebrity Century and later on the cruise I had a tour of the Bridge. In case you don’t know, the Bridge is essentially the brain center of a cruise ship.

Later I had the very rare pleasure of touring the boiler and engine rooms of the ship.

And now, just a few days ago I had the privilege of touring the inner sanctum of Paladin Security. This is the brain center of their operation. The Burnaby site I had the privilege of exploring is the base for western Canada operations. And yes, I was allowed to wander around inside their operation, taking pictures.

More later.

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