The Joy of Coffee

Do you ever stop and think about how our modern day conveniences came about? Things that we depend on everyday, things like, for example, coffee.

Who was it that stopped and picked the coffee berries and then had the foresight to dry them and save the hard little nut like thing that was inside? Imagine the conversation of the hunter-gatherer times discovering coffee…perhaps the conversation went something like this;

“Hmmm…food! Look, a bright red berry. Let’s eat it.” Chomp into nut inside, spit it out.

Who made the leap of logic to save that nut, dry it and then roast it? And then who thought, hey maybe if we grind it up and pour hot water over it we can have a lovely and invigorating morning beverage? Who ever it was, THANK YOU!!

If you want to know more about coffee, visit my online friend (that is the modern language for the old fashioned, time-honoured tradition of the imaginary friend) Coffee Nate.