Lafflines at The Columbia (nee the Burr) Theatre

Lafflines Burr Theatre
Lafflines Burr Theatre

I was cruising along Columbia Street in New Westminster this afternoon when I saw a flurry of work going on around the entrance to what I have always known as the Burr Theatre.

I have seen the “Lafflines Coming Soon” sign out front of the theatre and have been wondering what was going on inside for a few months now.

Today I had a chance to peak inside!

In a few days I will post more pics and a few stories about the work that the crew are doing to reconfigure the Burr Theatre into Lafflines at The Columbia, a comedy club/meeting room/reception hall and all-round fabulous addition to the New Westminster downtown streetscape.

I will say that they have taken on a very ambitious job and are doing an admirable job. This is going to be a great facility once it is complete. Although the interior is still very much a construction zone the quality of Lafflines at The Columbia Theatre as a new gathering place is apparent. As I said, more pics and stories (including the phantom of the theatre) very soon!

Some may notice that I have referred to the theatre as the Burr Theatre as well as The Columbia. The name of the building will be The Columbia. Inside The Columbia will be a large gathering/meeting room known as the Grand Room at The Columbia for events such as weddings, business meetings and theatre performances.

Upstairs in The Columbia will be an altogether separate facility; Lafflines at The Columbia.

Pics to follow!! And, if you are itching to know more before I can post my details, have a visit to The Columbia’s webpage.