The Living-Room Baby Corral

Back in the days before the twins were born Wifeyand I would scan through the baby supplies catalogues and laugh at all the “stuff” that people would buy their babies.

We wondered at the excess that people would go to when buying toys and entertainment for their kids and did the not-yet-parent thing of; “We won’t be like that.” Oh how little we knew. Now it looks like Toys ‘R Us barfed in our living room.

But perhaps the one thing that drew the most ridicule from us was the baby corral available to keep your kids or babies in one place. We thought that it was ridiculous and borderline cruel to fence in your kids.

Ah, the days of innocence…guess what we now have in our living-room? Yep, a baby corral crudely fashioned out of old pieces of furniture all piled together in some post-apocalyptic style.

The baby corral
The baby corral

And the twins spend all their time trying to figure out how to escape their corral while we are on the outside trying to keep them inside.

I suppose the benefit of this is that they are learning ingenuity. It is not easy escaping the baby fence but with team work and perseverance, they figure it out.

The great escape
The great escape


  1. You need one of those baby octagons! Steve and I always used to laugh “who would use one of those”. Now we think we will buy one and stick K in there with her friends. Like baby UFC. Ha! Terrible!!!!

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