The New Kid on the Block – Zomato

There is a new kid vying for your attention in the Social Media Community – that new kid is called Zomato is actually not all that new, it is just new to us in North America.

I think of Zomato as the Facebook for food. It has restaurant reviews, restaurant hours, menus, pictures of the food and drinks, all the daily specials and more. So much more! And very similar to Facebook, the vast majority of the content is generated by you and me and the other users of Zomato.

If you load the mobile app onto your phone, when you eat at a restaurant you can snap a picture of the food and write a little blurb about the food and your experience and then bam! your pics and thoughts are posted to the Zomato feed.

I found the Zomato app on my iPhone and iPad to be a little glitchy at first but they are releasing updates to the app that have been effective at fixing the glitches. One glitch I found annoying was that it kept defaulting my home location to Mission. No offense to the nice people of Mission, but that is not the circle I run in. I’m pleased to see that glitch has been dealt with and I have now set my “home” location as Metro Vancouver.

So far, I am pleased with Zomato. It is interesting and fun to play around with. The more the user posts to the Zomato site, the higher your level of “expertise” goes. So far I am considered a “Big Foodie” because I have about 40 posts and 20 foodie pics posted to Zomato.

If you want to have a look, feel free to visit the Zomato. If you like what you see, consider following me: