The Philosophy of “Just Do It”

The Nike slogan “just do it” is a very clever slogan. Never mind the corporate aspect of it, but just think about what those three little words actually mean.

“Just do it” – like, get off your duff and do something. Stop waffling, stop talking about it, and just do it.

The best example that comes to mind for me proves my point quite effectively. I had a buddy who bought a piece of property in a really hot and sunny location.

For the first five years of him owning the property he talked about planting peach trees around his little cabin. The funny thing is he never did.

I have another friend who moved nearby my first buddy and they had the conversation about planting peach trees.

The newcomer to the area said, “jeez that’s a good idea.” And he went and bought two peach trees, planted them, watered them and took care of them and then two years later he had two beautiful peach trees.

By the second year of those little peach trees being planted he was getting peaches the size of your fist from his trees. And my first buddy who moved there? Seven years and he still has no peach trees or anything because he’s still thinking about it.

Just shut up and do it.