The Q Steakhouse

So hosted my annual mans’ night dinner on Saturday night at the Q Steakhouse. Unfortunately two of the invitees canceled late in the process. Regardless, a very good time was had by the two of us who did make it.

When we arrived the young lady at the door greeted us with a smile and remembered my request to be near a wall outlet (so I could plug in my laptop during the live-blogging-tweet fest). I was pleased to hear that they could honour my odd request. However, the table reserved for us was a small one, right beside the entrance to the washroom and across from the server station. I asked if there was a bigger table in a nicer location but I was told they were booked solid for the entire night. Even though I was not pleased with the table, I recognize it was the one near the outlet. And they were busy all evening, every table was full throughout the evening. So I just accept the table location.

Server approaches, offers drinks, water, bread, and menus. Tells us the dinner specials, and departs. Very nice, polite, professional approach. When he returns I order a Caesar and ask for advice on the appetizers. Was considering mushroom fries but told that the dish is the lamb popsicles. Lamb ribs served with blue cheese and caramelized onion. My dinner partner orders mushroom caps…safe, too safe.

Appies arrive. Mushroom caps, as I expected, boring. What do you expect from a mushroom cap?

Lamb Popsicles
Lamb Popsicles at Q Steakhouse

The lamb though,

Lamb Popsicles at Q Steakhouse
Lamb Popsicles at Q Steakhouse

Even though I have not eaten meat for 15 years, I loved these lamby-bits. They were quite meaty with just the right amount of fat to make me salivate. My dinner partner thought they were too fatty but I loved the taste of animal fat.

Considering the mains. I told our server that we had initially planned to come out with a group of guys and one of the big eater sin our group was going to order the 72 ounce steak. That was one of the guys who cancelled. I asked young server what he recommends. I said I was leaning towards the 16 ounce prime rib or the 16 ounce rib-eye. He admitted that the prime rib was very popular with customers but his personal fav is the rib-eye. He believes it has the perfect amount of marbling to really bring the taste out. I take his advice. Partner orders the girl sized one, the ten ounce.

The 16 ounce rib-eye steak
The 16 ounce rib-eye steak

Just for your peace of mind, those are mini veggies. When I asked my buddy where they would get tiny veggies, he said, “Lilliput.” Clever. This meals was not about the veggies though…it was steak night.

My first cut into made me salivate from the aroma of freshly drawn blood. The pink inside enticed my tastebuds…so I brought a piece of rib-eye to my mouth and had my first taste of flesh in 15 years.

First taste of the rib-eye steak
First taste of the rib-eye steak

And it tastes…absolutely delicious. All I can think is, why do I not eat like this every day! I eat the steak and enjoy it. It is delicious and I love it.

At the end of the meal I enjoy a lovely Cragganmore single malt scotch as my partner and I talk about the paradox of quality and other interesting issues.

As we are driving home I ask, would you go back to this place? We both agree that the meal was good, we even say it was very good. But it was not great and it is out in Abbotsford. Would we drive back to Abbotsford for this place? Probably not. But it sure was fun while we were there! Now let’s figure out where next Christmas Guys’ Night Dinner is going to be.