The Rad Power Bike Rad Rover

I’ve had my new Rad Rover

my electric assisted bicycle – for a couple of weeks now and I have to say “I’m loving it!”

This video is from the first couple of days of me riding and getting familiar with my Rad Rover. I now know that the red button on the right hand grip switches mode from Pedal Assist to a “throttle” like function so the rider can “roll on the throttle” and accelerate up to speed. That’s actually a more useful feature than I had anticipated.

For most riding – I’ve gone on two more rides now for a total of 65 km – I only use the pedal assist on the Rad Rover so that I am still pedaling and getting exercise.

The pedal assist just makes it so that the biggest hills are no longer “no-go” zones. I can much more easily ride them.

Now, if the rains will let up, I’ll try riding to work some day!