The Real Stresses on a Marriage

Some people say that worries about money cause the greatest stress for a married couple. Others say that it is what goes on, or more accurately, does not go on in the bedroom. Still others blame their marital woes on religious differences or their toxic in-laws. As an aside, did you know that if you scramble up all the letters from the word mother-in-law it spells out woman-Hitler? Who holds or controls the remote control is another fight-starter for some. I know one couple who saved their marriage simply by buying a vehicle that had electrically-adjustable mirrors.

In our house, the one thing that creates stress…how the dishwasher is loaded. I believe that there needs to be order in how the dishwasher is loaded. Plates lined up, bowls neatly arranged, cutlery in the rack with handle end down. The glasses and mugs belong on the top shelf. And before any of these things go in the dishwasher, they all need to receive a cursory rinse under the faucet. Further pots and pans DO NOT go in the dishwasher.

And it makes me CRAZY when it is not loaded in this way!!


  1. You may be able to use your “free” counselling benefits for this problem … the important word in this sentence being YOU. Not that you and I would have any problem loading a dishwasher together, but sometimes an open cupboard door is just an open cupboard door…. 😉 There might even be a package price for dishwasher loading/check-marking therapy! Teehee.

  2. Im so glad we are not alone. Steve and I squabble over how the DWer is loaded almost everyday. So we finally agreed that Steve will unload and I will load, thus eliminating the unpleaseant scene that occurs when I feel compelled to rearrange how Steve loaded.

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