The Cabin

The Rebranding of my YouTube Channel

I mentioned this a couple posts ago, but I have rebranded my YouTube channel to focus it on my efforts at rebuilding the family homestead.

Going back a little further, in 2014 there was a wildfire outside of Lytton – not the 2021 Lytton wildfire – and that fire destroyed everything on our family’s homestead. Everything.

Well okay, not everything because one small cabin that my grandparents had lived in during the 1970s sort of survived. Half the roof caved in, the siding on the front got scorched, the water system burned up, but it did survive.

So back then, in 2014 and 15 I got to work; I fixed the roof, replaced all the burnt exterior walls, and resettled in that small cabin.

Now I am exploring how to bring back to life the original homestead. And to chronicle that experience, I am doing my best to record as much as I can and sharing my experiences on YouTube.

So if you want to follow along as I bumble my way around the family homestead, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel. It also helps if you “like” the videos I post so that the algorithm helps promote my content to more people.

My goal is to further develop my tribe of followers so that the big (and small family) brands will see my content and think “what a great guy, let’s help him rebuild his family’s homestead!” Maybe then I can move to making YouTube content full time! Well, that’s not really true, I’ll probably never give up my day job.