The Sixth Street Grill Serves a Winner

In order to serve my readers, I have continued my selfless research into where to get excellent burgers in Metro Vancouver. As I have previously said, I am not looking into those fancy-pantsy $100 burgers with gourmet this-and-that, I am looking for the best (relatively) inexpensive burger in our city.

Today’s research took me to The Sixth Street Grill in uptown New Westminster where I had the their signature burger, The 6th Street Burger.

Sixth St Burger
Sixth St Burger

The burger was excellent. Truly excellent. And a definite frontrunner for what I would call the BEST burger I have had in Metro Vancouver (in the class that I created).

If I know I am going to write about a meal I make a point of dissecting and really tasting the meal as I eat it. Today was no different.

The burger meat had a great smoky flavour even on its own. So many burgers have a thick, tasteless slab of ground beef. The 6th Street burger patty can easily stand on its own flavour.

Add on the slice of tomato, sautéed mushrooms, the cheddar cheese and the two thick slabs of bacon and we have a taste sensation.

I have to admit, when I read on the menu that the burger comes with a fried egg, I was very tempted to ask the kitchen to omit the egg. I’m glad I didn’t, the egg was a rather pleasant addition! (Next time I would ask that the egg be fried over-easy to add even more of a sloppy, saucy flavour!)


On top of the brioche burger bun was a thin slice of a dill pickle. The too small sample of their dill pickle made me wish there was more.

When ordering you can upgrade from regular fries to yam fries for an extra $1.50. In the nature of doing my research, I asked the server who took my order if I could have half regular fries, half yam fries. I told her I didn’t mind paying the extra $1.50 if need be and she was completely obliging.

However, I have to admit, while the fries had good flavour, they were limp and too soggy for my taste. The yam fries were better except that they were barely warm when they arrived at my table.

I have heard from a fellow foodie that the pulled pork sandwich and the meatloaf dinner they offer are also amazing flavour sensations. In order to continue serving you, I will return to The Sixth Street Grill to sample these other meals.

I was given a warm and friendly greeting within minutes of stepping inside. Once I was seated (I chose to sit outside on their sidewalk seating area) water and cutlery were promptly delivered and I was told that the server would be around to take my order. Within minutes she did come and she was very helpful and answered my questions about the menu with a friendly, personable and professional approach.

The bill for my burger, the upgraded fries and a coffee was just under $16.

Needless to say, I will definitely be returning to The Sixth Street Grill.
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