The Vancouver Canucks’ Next Moves

Okay, my heart has stopped aching enough that I can now safely throw this question out to my readers; what do the Vancouver Canucks need to do to win the Stanley Cup?

Do they need to go all in with Schneider and trade Luongo? Is Luongo a top tier goalie? Is he the future of goal keeping in Vancouver? Is Schneider ready to be the number one goalie? Is he ready for that pressure?

Alain Vigneault…is it time to change direction? Fire the coach who won back to back President’s Trophys? Fire the guy who lead the team to within one win of the Stanley Cup?

Or even Mike Gillis. Is he done? Are the owners going to renew or extend his contract?

How many more seasons can the Sedins keep producing and playing at an all-star level?

Do the Canucks need to pick up another player or two like Raffi Torres who is continually agitating (without brutalizing) the oppositions top lines?

Do the Canucks need to add some more grinders to their roster? Players who finish their check each and every time, players who clear the zone in front of their goalie. Players who the opposition knows will exact revenge (and not necessarily by fighting) for taking liberties with the Canucks top lines.

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  1. At least the owners were smart enough to extend Mike Gillis’ contract. That is a good start.

  2. I think in order to maintain the level of competition that they’ve offered over the last two years they need to make a decision around goal-tending, yes, it’s become apparent that Luongo’s track record in the playoffs (for the Canucks) has been less than stellar, but we need to remember that Vancouver is a very high-pressure city for hockey, holding players under the microscope, waiting for something to blame the latest loss on, or place another win on. Luongo needs to go somewhere where he’s not feeling to pressured for perfection, Schneider has shown that he is completely capable of handling the pressure while maintaining compusure on the ice in stressful situations. He’s young, lights-out, and wants to stay in Vancity so long as the contract fits, that’s why Schneider has to stay, Lu to either Tampa Bay or the Panthers would be a good fit, because neither demand immediate results from recently signed players.
    Gillis is staying in Vancouver for what sounds like another 4 years, and I think the Canucks organization would be honored to have head-coach Alain Vigneault return for another season as the head honcho of the coaching staff. Free some cap space, sign Schneider, get some 1st round draft picks for Luongo, and clean up the team a little more. The Canucks need to simplify their game, focus on winning the ultimate prize, and maintain the standard that they’ve held over the last two seasons.

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