The Vancouver Restaurant Scene

In the days of long ago, during more innocent times, when we were childless, my Sweetheart and I would search out new and exotic cuisines at the most fashionable restaurants in our city. In fact we would plan our vacations around specific restaurants that we wanted to dine at.

Sometimes in the middle of the night we would drive across the city and have a bowl of potato wedges and miso gravy at the Naam Cafe. Saturday mornings we would try small, hole-in-the-wall breakfast joints like the Roundel Cafe, Deacon’s Corner, Chopper’s Diner, the Cafe Zen and many other cool places in the city.

At lunch we would stroll along Commercial Drive until something tickled our fancy; we would stop and eat somewhere different each time.

Japanese food, Korean, Indian, American Diner classics, seafood, pasta joints like Anton’s and so many more places for us to try.

And our favourite time of the year was Dine Out Vancouver. All the classic restaurants in our fair city would prepare special menus so that they were accessible for so many to try. We tried so many different places that we learned to appreciate and love even after the Dine Out specials were done.

And then recently I heard someone on the television talking about the new restaurant scene in Vancouver. They were describing where some chefs had moved to and where others were settling in and what the seasonal specials were at all these places.

However, now that we have our fabulous twins in our lives, the only question I had about these fashionable new restaurants was, do these places have a drive-thru. Omigawd times have changed. Changed for the better.





2 responses to “The Vancouver Restaurant Scene”

  1. Wendy Avatar

    Isn’t that the truth! I wonder if I will ever be able to go out to a restaurant that doesn’t have happy meals again…. 😉 We were able to wrangle one child in most restaurants, but 3? No thanks!

    Cafe Zen used to be owned by very good friends of my inlaws. I have many, many articles of clothing branded with Cafe Zen’s logo.

  2. caitlyn James Avatar

    Bishop’s Drive-Thru. Has a nice ring. You might want to approach them on that. The seafood hotpot might be a bit tricky – getting that little flame thing into the take-out styrofoam, but I’m sure they will think of something.

    As always, just Imagining Better (dot com.)