Things I Used to Think Were Stupid

The other day I was thinking back to how I used to think about life, back in the old days when I was much younger, and without children in tow everywhere I went. You might say back when I was blissfully ignorant of the realities of being a father.

As an example, I used to think that minivans were stupid. I suppose I still do, but wow are they convenient. So convenient because a van can easily be loaded with everything you own. Including kids.

Admittedly, driving a “mini-van” is more similar to steering the Queen Mary than it is to the experience of driving the little sporty car I used to drive. Parking a mini-van is like trying to find free moorage for a 70 foot yacht near Granville Island. Yea, I used to think they were stupid. Now there is one parked in our driveway. And it isn’t the neighbour’s.

Another example of things I used to think were stupid – loading bicycles into or onto a mini-van and driving somewhere to go for a bike ride.

I used to condescendingly think or say, “why don’t they just ride the bikes instead of taking them for a drive?”

Now I am one those people who load the family-thruster up with bikes and drive to faraway destinations so that we can ride.

Similar to taking bikes for a drive was the idea of driving somewhere to take kids to a playground. Honestly, virtually every playground is an identical orgasm of primary colours with a slide, a bunch of climbing stuff and swings.

Why do I have to drive to one of these primary colour parks when there are THREE of them within walking distance of my house?

I used to think that was stupid. Now I am one of those who will drive to a distant park. Why? Because it is easier than battling with the twin mini versions of myself.

There are many more things I used to think were stupid but will now routinely embrace in the name of family peace. Any thing you want to add to this list?


  1. Yeah, we sure knew a lot about the way things should be back then, didn’t we?

    I definitely understand with the parks though. If I can get all 4 kids to agree on one park, I don’t care if it’s 80 miles away, we’re going.

  2. I used to think it was stupid to pre-write and schedule your tweets. Now, I love the automation and syndication. I used to think it was stupid to get a new stroller when we already had one. Now, I enjoy the increased trunk space I get with the more compact umbrella stroller.

    You live and you learn.

    • Strollers…that is another topic all together. We resisted the stroller for as long as we could and opted for those contraptions made for carrying kids on your tummy or back. However, with twins it was difficult to continue without a stroller when I wanted to go anywhere on foot with just the kids and I.

      • Yeah, we have a Bjorn (hand-me-down) that saw some use but that she has since outgrown. We may get another carrier, but we’ve got the stroller for the time being.

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