Thinking about the aging process

I don’t intend for this blog post to be morbid or sad or anything that makes you unhappy, but, have you ever thought about what the last five years, I mean, the final five years of your life will be like? What about the final two years of your life? Do you ever think about how you are going to pass away?

I have a belief system of my own in which I only believe in the here and now. I believe in living in the moment. You can call it Zen or Buddhist or whatever you want, but to me, it is just my way of thinking.

Seeing as this is my belief system, I have not worried about or thought about “getting old”. I just AM. I am alive and I am breathing. That is it.

However, seeing so many people who are much older than me has made me think about if there is a future, what will it be like for me.