Those Big Questions

Do you ever wonder about what you are doing “with your life”? Do you ever stop and think…what the fuck is it all about? Am I on “the right path”? Or even, is there a right path to be on? Or why are we not supposed to end a sentence or question with a preposition? 

Do you ever wonder if the “work” you do is actually making a bit of difference to the world? Will the world be a better place as a result of what you or I have done? 

I remember when I was about 16 years old I was talking to my boss in a welding shop and I told him an assignment I had from school was to think about “what I want to do when I grow up.” 

My boss, a 65 year old guy, told me that if I figured out how to figure that stuff out, be sure to let him know because he still didn’t know what he was going to do when he grew up. 

Do we just keep doing until it we are too tired to do anymore?