Thoughts on Food and the Food Network

A couple thoughts on food this evening. First, if the Food Network was run by real people instead of master chefs who pretend to be everyday yobs, Blogger Dad would be the star of the show. 

Blogger Dad is now, essentially, running a cooking school. The first lesson he has put together is a detailed lesson on how to prepare a peanut butter sandwich. But before you go and scoff at this, he also offers alternative methods of preparation with alternative foods, just in case the peanut butter part does not work out. Check it out. I will be checking it out and learning how to avoid the following situation…

Burnt pot
Burnt pot

This pot is the remainder of my efforts to cook rice-a-roni. Notice the classic Ginsu knife obtained at from the PNE. Not only is that knife sharp enough to cut soda cans in half, it is also a fabulous scraper.

 Apparently you do not leave a pot turned to high when you go out front of your house to let the dog crap on the neighbours yard. At least that is what the fire-fighter told me. Who knew? Anyway, no more burnt offerings. I have signed up to have Blogger Dad’s food prep wisdom delivered via the magic of email right to my inbox.

Now I did say a couple of thoughts on food. I had to bury this part of my thoughts deep in this posting so that my significant other did not see it. I know she only scans the beginning of the postings so she will never see this part. I have to tell you, I think she is trying to kill me. Kill me slowly and deliciously. What makes me think this? She bought a counter-top deep fryer.

I LOVE deep-fried, or as we say in the USA, golden-fried, anything. For years she would frown on me ordering french fries, or once again, as we say in the USA, freedom fries if we were in a restaurant. Now, it is deep fried everything. This morning she deep fried my eggs. And my toast. I’m pretty sure she was trying how to figure out how to deep fry my coffee when I intercepted her. 

Coincidentally I told her that I had recently changed the beneficiary of my life insurance policy to her. I figured we have been together for now for almost ten years and it seems this thing we got going on is going to work, so I figured, what the hell. Right after that it was deep-fried Mars bars and peanut butter balls. Coincidence? I don’t know what to think. Anyway, I have to go, she is in the kitchen deep-frying me a bowl of cream corn.





2 responses to “Thoughts on Food and the Food Network”

  1. Blogger Dad Avatar

    Mmm, deep friend peanut butter sandwich. Now THAT sounds like all kinds of awesome.

    As for avoiding burnt pots, the first step is to avoid ever having to actually cook things. If you can cook and serve all your meals using nothing but paper plates, you’re halfway to being a Master Chef!

    Thanks for the mention.

  2. stacey Avatar

    Well, I am more than half way there. That was the only pot I could find; the rest are hidden in a secret place my wife calls “cupboards”. So now I can only warm stuff in the microwave or eat it cold. I’m sticking to sandwiches.