Thumbs Up For Market Grill at Granville Island

Market Grill Burger
Market Grill Burger

As some of you may recall, I am always on the hunt for the perfect burger. This weekend my burger hunt took me to

Market Grill on Granville Island and I have to admit, I found another contender for the best burger in the city.

However, even though the salmon burger and fries was delicious and I look forward to my next visit to Granville Island so that I can once again enjoy a burger at the Market Grill, it was the service that I saw being delivered that made me smile and give them the Life in the Burbs two thumbs up.

Cal, the owner of Market Grill, was behind the grill doing his best to keep the wide variety of burgers and fries moving from the grill area to the front and into the customer’s hands.

Cal of Market Grill
Cal of Market Grill

While he was running the grill and the fries station, he was joking with the customers, advising them that their fries were very hot and trouble-shooting what was going on out front where the customers were lined up.

I wandered up to the front counter and there was a good crowd of customers milling around. I was looking around, somewhat puzzled, wondering if the people were in line to order or if they had already ordered and were waiting for their food.

Cal looked over the counter, saw my puzzled look and asked me how he could help. The next thing I knew my order was taken, prepped and ready for me and my hungry little one to dive into.

The burgers, especially their salmon burgers and their fries are excellent. But the real winner for the customer at Market Grill is Cal’s winning smile and “sure I can do that” attitude.

If you are on Granville Island and you need to eat, you can’t go wrong with Cal and the Market Grill.



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  1. Arabella Avatar

    I totally agree! Had a mushroom and swiss burger there the other day and it was delish 🙂