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Thursday Thoughts; Electric Vehicles

It is interesting that some still say that electric vehicles are too expensive and that’s one of the reasons that people are not buying them.

And yet the number one selling vehicle in North America is still the Ford F150 pick up truck.

Now let’s compare the cost. A Chevy Bolt, admittedly a very different vehicle than an F150 or any pick up truck, costs about $40,000. As well, in BC you can also take $8000 in rebates off the price of the electric vehicle.

Nissan Leaf, also admittedly very different than a pick up truck costs about $45,000. And of course you can take $8000 off that price – electric vehicle rebate.

And yet when you check the price of a new gas powered pick up truck – many of them are in the $80,000 – $100,000 price range.

When you actually look at the numbers, it would appear that price is not really the reason why people are choosing to not to buy electric vehicles.