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Country Tire for Winter Tires

If you live in Metro Vancouver and you commute by car, things are about to get “real” and you probably want to get winter tires for your car.

The forecast is calling for … SNOW in Metro Vancouver.

Before we go any further, be aware that this is not a blog post I have been asked to do, been paid to do, nor have I been provided any compensation for. I am writing this based on my own observations and feelings about Country Tire.

As you may know, I detest paying full retail price for items that can be bought used at a discounted price. After all, buying used items is one of the three Rs – you know, “reuse”.

So in my efforts to “reuse”, I visited the guys at Country Tire to buy used tires for my car.

Just before Christmas I headed out the King George Blvd, through Whalley, past Bear Creek Park at 88th, and then through Newton, across 72nd, and along to 6734 King George where I turn left and into the little semi-industrial strip where the Country Tire shop is located.

No matter what vehicle you drive, these guys can set you up with a set of tires – new, or used. Your choice.

As the sign on the door says, “We Speak Tire”. And they sure do.

They are at the front desk answering questions from a steady stream of people coming into the shop to get tires. People with “run-flat” tires on high end luxury cars. People with trucks looking for 4×4 mud bog tires, people with EVs looking for new tires for their cars, and people like me looking for snow tires for everyday commuter cars, .

Country Tire

And the crew doing the tire swap out? These guys are like the pit crew from a national race circuit. They get you to pull your into the service bay, they slide jacks under the car, lift it up and have the tires off before you even have a chance to get into the office.

I had them pull off my old and worn out tires and replace them with a set of new-used snow tires that have 80% of the tread still on them. Bargains!!

Be aware, it is first come, first served at Country Tire so it pays to get there early if there is any chance of snow in the forecast.

If you care about the snow in the weather forecast and you want to get a set of snow tires before the weather turns on you, call Marko at Country Tire at 604-596-4444.