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Tips to Deal With High Gas Prices

With gas prices continuing to increase, believe it or not, there are easy ways to save money on gas.

Although there are many things you can do to avoid spending money on gas, there is some low hanging fruit – the easy things you can do to control how much money you spend on gas.

First off, while this should be the easiest change to make, it may be the most difficult change to make – when you get in your car or truck, remind yourself that you are a commuter going to school, or work, or to the grocery store. Or wherever you are going.

And as you are reminding yourself of this truth, ALSO tell yourself, you are NOT actually a race car driver who will win any prize for demonstrating your superior driving and acceleration skills abilities.

Sorry pal, you are a commuter. Not a race car driver.

The fact is, the harder you accelerate off the line, the more gas you burn. Remember – gas prices are out of control. You don’t have to be. So slow down. Relax.

Speaking of slowing down, when you’re driving on a city street with a speed limit of 50kmh, try travelling along at 60 or 65. Sounds crazy right? Look down at your speedo now and then. You will realize that it is “normal” to be driving along at 70 or 80 kmh IN TOWN. On city streets. This is NOT necessary.

Believe it or not, the time that google maps gives you to arrive at a destination is not actually an opportunity for you to demonstrate your driving prowess and to speed like a NASCAR driver through the city on your way to drop your kid at daycare. Slow down.

You can also slow down when you’re travelling on the highways and freeways. Nothing says you have to go 120 or 130kmh or more on the freeway. That’s right. You are allowed to travel at 100 or 110kmh. And you’ll burn less gas. Meaning you’ll save money. Gas prices are out of control, right?

The final piece of low hanging fruit for saving money is that when you stop to pick something up or you’re waiting for your kid to come out of school or wherever – SHUT YOUR ENGINE OFF. Even if you’re waiting for 2 minutes which typically turns into 5 minutes or more, turn off your engine.

It’s a myth to think it burns more gas shutting off and starting the engine. Just shut your engine off when you stop.

Not only will you save money by burning less gas, you’ll also be pumping less greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. Winning.

There are bigger changes you can make like cycling once or twice a week. You could even consider buying an electric car. But for now, consider the “low hanging fruit”, the easy changes you can make to save 10-20% on your gas bill, which is to basically, slow down when you drive.

These really are easy changes to make. Your choice.