Travel Advisory for People Flying to the USA

Nifty…the day before we are to fly to San Diego some asshat is alleged to have tried to blow up an airplane. Nice work asshat. So now all people flying into the USA from destinations like Canada are being restricted to one piece of carry-on luggage and are being subjected to a search of their person before getting on a plane.

I wonder if the baby that I will be carrying is counted as a piece of carry-on luggage? So now instead of being at the airport 90 minutes before the plane leaves, we are just going to head out to the airport a day in advance and sleep in the departures lounge. In fact, you have to be at the airport so freaking far in advance of your flight, if you are flying anywhere in the same time zone you are probably going to arrive at your destination more quickly if you simply drive.





One response to “Travel Advisory for People Flying to the USA”

  1. caitlyn James Avatar

    But then you would have to ask for restaurant suggestions in Bellingham…. okay, maybe Seattle.

    I hope you guys get settled on your flight without too much muss and fuss! Blah.