Traveling the Scenic 7 and the Fraser Canyon by Electric Vehicle

1945hr update – note to self. Don't plan an EV trip with a guy who plans to (literally) climb a mountain the same day as you want to drive the Scenic 7. My driver is still stuck on the road so we'll have to postpone this trip for the time being.

1815hr update – My driver is stuck on Hwy 1 somewhere between Chilliwack and Coquitlam thereby delaying our departure.

Later this afternoon I will be departing from Coquitlam Centre in a Nissan Leaf and traveling along the Scenic Hwy 7 to Hope, BC and then beyond up the Fraser Canyon to the confluence of the Fraser and Thompson Rivers at Lytton BC.

We'll be making a first stop to "top up" the Leaf batteries in Mission BC. Because there is only a level 2* charger at the place we'll be stopping in Mission, we anticipate being there for about an hour to get enough charge to get us to Hope where there is a level 3** charger.

I will update as we travel.

* A level 2 charger can fully charge a car like a Nissan Leaf in approximately 3-4 hours.
** A level 3 charger can charge a Nissan Leaf to 80% in 20-30 minutes.

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