Travelling with Toddlers

I honestly do not know how people travel with toddlers while holding onto their sanity.

On the weekend my Sweetheart and I travelled via Skytrain from the suburbs to the Waterfront Station and I’m telling you, by the time we got off the train in Vancouver I was seriously tempted to go over to the Hotel Vancouver and book a room for the night rather than have to return via transit.

Trying to keep the kids on the Skytrain car reminded me of an ill-fated late night trip I took once. The cargo I was to bring home was a cat in a cardboard box. I regret to say that the cat did not make it to my home.

Maybe I need to relax a little more. I don’t know. Travelling with toddlers is not easy and I just do not understand how it is actually done with any degree of pleasure for the adults on the journey.






3 responses to “Travelling with Toddlers”

  1. Christopher Avatar

    I hear you brother. I used to be nuts like that too – still am sometimes. Then, as corny as it sounds, the trick I find that works for me, is….eeek I hate to say this…..

    Make it about the journey, not the destination.

    I know, God help me, it’s such a cliche, but it works for me. If I stop trying to worry about making it to the station, or making the connection, or making it through security, and I start looking at it as an adventure – it works.

    Especially if I try to see the trip through their eyes, and keep that sense of wonder and being present in the moment.

  2. stacey Avatar

    Bit it isn’t even about the destination. How do enjoy a cuppa while you have your little ones wandering off or trying to bash sister on the head? I can’t imagine trying to sit down and enjoy some food. It was a tough day. We will go again though.

  3. Kelsey Avatar

    We travel via Skytrain daily! Granted one of my babes is not mobile yet. The secret is containing them in the stroller and, as Christopher said, enjoy the ride! Also, bring snacks and books, LOTS of both!