Beautiful Colours

Tuesday – the Loneliest Day of the Week

I was thinking about Tuesday yesterday morning and I realized that Tuesday is the loneliest day of the week. Tuesday is the beige of the week – if the week was a colour wheel. Tuesday has got NOTHING going for it.

Think about it. Monday is Monday. The first day of the work week. Just another Manic-Monday. The day after the fun of the weekend. Sometimes Mondays are the last day of a long weekend.

Tuesday – I will get to this in a bit.

Wednesday is Hump Day. You are now halfway through the work week! On the downhill slide to the weekend. For those of a certain vintage, remember Winsday? The day they announced the winning lottery numbers in BC.

Thursday is affectionately known as Junior Friday. That’s a pretty cool position in the week,

Friday – everyone’s favourite day of the week. TGIF. They even named a chain of restaurants after Friday! A famous character in Daniel Defoe’s 1719 novel Robinson Crusoe is named Friday. Friday. Arguably the greatest day of the week.

Saturday and Sunday are the weekend. Your days to chill and relax.

Saturday you can spend time recovering from Friday night antics or, while recovering from Friday night antics, you can ferry kids around to countless activities where you either stand in the cold rain or sit on a wooden plank in a freezing cold arena. All these activities that they don’t really enjoy but you keep telling them and yourself that these are the things that will define them as human beings. Character building. Yeah. Saturday.

Maybe on Sunday you go to church. You rest. The day of rest. Some even call it the Lord’s Day.

And Tuesday? What does it have? Nothing. The loneliest and most misunderstood day of the week. Tuesday.