Turducken 2.0

Earlier last year I had Greg the Butcher from Meat Craft put together a sort of turducken for me. It was delicious. Around the same time I saw the local grocery store, Buy Low was advertising turduckens on sale for $80.


We bought and kept one of the Buy Low turduckens in the freezer ready for our Christmas dinner.

Sunday was the day that we cooked the Buy Low turducken.

And I will happily say that it was a very positive experience. The Buy Low bird had an outer wrapping of bacon over a very tasty, and tender layer of turkey. Inside the turkey was stuffing, duck and chicken.

Layers of Turducken
Layers of Turducken

The turkey was very nicely flavored and not at all dry; I quite enjoyed the turkey part of the turducken.

I did find the stuffing to be quite salty and it did have a strong aftertaste. It wasn’t bad but it’s nowhere near as good as the stuffing my mom makes.

I also very much enjoyed the duck meat from inside the turducken. Duck can have a very strong “gamey” flavour, however that was not the case with our turducken. It had a strong and yet very appealing flavour.

We cooked the turducken until it reached an internal temperature of 165°. We then wrapped it in foil and let it rest for at least 10 minutes before we used our kitchen shears to remove the string bag that held the meat together so beautifully.

Plated Turducken
Plated Turducken

Overall, we were all impressed with the Buy Low turducken. However, for $80 I’m not sure I would do it again. I would probably rather go back to see Greg at Meat Craft and have him make up a smaller turkey roll for me.

The other parts of our dinner we had our traditional stuffing balls, steamed baby potatoes, and Crimini mushrooms stuffed with a Gorgonzola cheese, onion and bacon filling.

In our excitement to get the turducken going we actually forgot to put on the baby peas. That would’ve brought a little bit green to the plate. However the steamed cauliflower with a Miracle Whip and cheese sauce was our “other vegetable”.

Although this Christmas dinner was a little late due to a family medical emergency it was a delicious meal.