Twin Group Picnic Fun Day

Yesterday my Sweetheart and I took the girls down to Rocky Point Park for a picnic with a group of other parents of multiples. It was great fun being with others who understand what it is like to be the parent of twins or triplets.

Twin Picnic May 15th 2010
Twin Picnic May 15th 2010

Here is a picture of our girls alongside a bunch of their friends, all ready to roll.

More on this picnic later…baby just woke from her nap.


  1. Currently, saturating myself with all things neurological it is great to see the side x side strollers. The front to back ones are obviously more convenient in narrow spaces, but not as conducive to brain development for the one who is in back.

    Apparently, even the ones that have the rear seat raised to give that child a forward view are less stimulating than being right at the forefront of the action.

    That said, unless a child is spending hours & hours every day in the back of a stroller, I don’t imagine the lack of stimulation will create a handicap larger than the inevitable falls out of trees and off swings and head bonks of all sorts. Our kids will still be smarter than we will ever be… all things aligning as they should.

  2. Also, the side by side double strollers are only five inches wider than the singles.Side by side is great.

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