Twins, twins, everywhere are twins

Our weekly Sunday breakfast excursion turned into a family event this weekend. Caragh, Story and Annalie made the trek to Quan’s Kitchen with me this week. Caragh was a bit nervous about having the kids in a restaurant but I was totally comfortable with the experience due to my weekly outings. And the funny thing is that the place was full of families today.

Everywhere we go people comment on the kids…”Twins…” etc. So I usually strike up a conversation with these people. Yesterday while we were at Granville Island we shared a table with an elderly Chinese lady. She had limited English skills but her smile and adoring looks at our girls spoke volumes. In her very broken English she told us that her husband has twin brothers. And that is the funny thing, everywhere we go, people are always telling us that they are a twin, they have twin brothers or sisters, their kids just had twins…growing up I don’t know that I knew any twins. But now, thinking about it, maybe I did know twins without even knowing that I knew twins.