Twitter, Facebook and the Main Stream Media

I was listening to CKNW this afternoon…I don’t know why…when I heard Jon McComb talking about Social Media. McComb and his guest were talking about Social Media, presumably because Facebook received more hits than Google did for a measured period of time. Interesting enough conversation. The real laugh though came when McComb asked his guest about Twitter. And Jon McComb’s approach to the topic made me realize there are those who understand Twitter, and there are those who never will.

The standard response from those who don’t get it is, “Why would I care when some celebrity is eating an apple.”

Now I have only been on Twitter for about a year but I have NEVER seen a posting where someone says they are eating an apple or eating anything for that matter.

The simple and effective power of Twitter is that it reaches an audience. That is it. If you don’t care about building your audience, then forget about it. If you want to reach a larger and more diverse audience, then get on it. If not, go eat your apple, and don’t tell anyone about it.

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