Two More Performances of La Traviata in Vancouver

As an FYI, you should know that there are only two more performances of La Traviata scheduled to take place in Vancouver, one on May 10th and the other on the 12th. After that the Vancouver Opera, season, unlike the Canuck’s, season is over.

La Traviata
La Traviata

As my regular followers will know, I attended the opening night of La Traviata and loved the performance. The party scenes were gorgeous beyond belief.

Even though I have been going to Vancouver Opera performances since I was 15 years old I do not consider myself educated enough to be an “opera critic.” What I am is a fan of opera. I love the spectacle of the performance as well as the spectacle of an opening night audience.

With that in mind I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed La Traviata. Particularly the final scene when Violetta and Alfredo are very briefly together.

La Traviata
La Traviata

In this scene Violetta does this thing with her voice where it sounds like she is whispering to Alfredo. Except her whispers can be heard in all their plaintiveness. It is simply heart-wrenching as we sit watching two people who are so obviously in love as one of them dies. Heart wrenching.

Although I have taken a few quality pictures in my time I have to credit Vancouver Opera for allowing me to use the photos in this post. The photos I have posted here were taken by the inimitable Tim Matheson.

If you want to go see one of the final two performances of Vancouver Opera’s season, there are some screaming good deals to be had on tickets. Visit the Vancouver Opera website to find a ticket or two that suits your purpose. I think you will be just as pleased with La Traviata as I was.

Disclosure; the views expressed here are based on my personal opinion. I did not receive any form of compensation from Vancouver Opera or anybody else for writing this blog post. As with all blog entries I do, editorial control remains mine and mine alone.





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    If you want to see the pics I have added in their full glory give a little click on them and voila! They are there to behold in full screen beauty.

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