Ugh and the First Enunciated Word

Ugh. Three females in the house with colds. Ugh.

And, in the irony of all ironies (can you even have more than one irony?), it appears that the first word Story is going to say is the orange cat’s name. Keep in mind the orange cat is my nemesis in this household. We can’t really tell if she is saying his name or just mumbling…sort of like me when I work late Fridays.

At any rate, I have intensified my efforts to have the girls say “papa”. Towards that end I have hired a tutor to come into the house for two hours a day, three times a week. I am pretty keen on having “papa” be their first word.





2 responses to “Ugh and the First Enunciated Word”

  1. caitlyn James Avatar

    Give me the tutor money … I have an idea.

    I will contact a company in China – not one that puts lead paint on stuff for kids – the other kind. (I don’t know, just the other kind!) This company will make a waterproof device that can be sewn into clothes and “speaks” when pressed. I will get them to program the word, “papa” into them & spend an evening sewing them into your daughters’ shirts.

    Hug ’em & they’ll say “papa” every time!

  2. stacey Avatar

    I’m liking this idea.