Ughhh…morning again

We all went to sleep at a reasonable hour last night and the twin that I am responsible for in the night actually slept most of the way through the night. I do recall staggering around the house at approximately 12:40am, looking for a bottle or something…then again at 2:30ish…just a blur.

Annalie would not settle so I lay her in the bed beside me at 2:30 and let her nose into my armpit. Thankfully this was one of the nights when I managed to get a shower and bathe before going to sleep. Otherwise, who knows what might have happened to the poor child.

Anyway, unlike the loaf of bread I tried this with in a pre-baby world, I did not roll over in the nighttime and squish the poor child. The bread thing…I blame the bread’s demise on the fact that it did not have scratchy little fingers that dug into my sides as a defence mechanism. So Annalie and Story are still in their beds sleeping…along with their mother. Unlike me who has already been up and out with poor blind Jimmy (the dog).

And just like Columbo, one more thing, yesterday I finally took the photocopier/fax machine to the mat and managed to send proof that we actually do have twins into Nestle Canada. Once they get that paperwork sorted out we will be part of the Nestle “family”…awww…makes me feel that much warmer and fuzzier this morning.  Now we will not have to make our own formula like my best pal chose to do for his kids…