VAG Forbidden City Exhibit

Last weekend I went with the family to downtown Vancouver to visit the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The display that is currently being featured is called The Forbidden City: Inside the Court of China’s Emperors. It is a display all about a secret city somewhere in China. The exhibition offers a glimpse into the iconic and long-hidden era of Chinese cultural history. For five centuries Chinese emperors called the Forbidden City (1416–1911), located in the heart of Beijing, their home.

The Forbidden City
The Forbidden City

I’m not exactly sure where in Beijing the Forbidden City is located because, well it’s secret and forbidden for me to tell you that.

I have to admit that the Forbidden City exhibition really did not work for me. I just did not feel engaged to the exhibition.

Unfortunately I was unable to get any photographs because there was a sign saying no photography.

Taicu Bell
Taicu Bell

I did manage to take one photo though. It was of the Taco Bell. I was very surprised to see though they made a typing or spelling error and they spelled Taicu Bell wrong.

My girls were excited about going to see the art gallery because they know that the food trucks frequent the Vancouver Art Gallery.

For this trip to the VAG they chose to have a sandwich from the food truck called Mom’s Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.The sandwich  was very good.

At least it looked good. I can’t really say because the kids ate it all up before I could even get a chance to have a bite.

More of my style of art is the exhibition about to open at the Art Gallery at the Evergreen.

The exhibition of Erin McSavaney’s work will feature a series of paintings and audio works that show familiar but rarely remarked upon landscapes, carved out by privately-owned cars across cities. These are places where the cold concrete geometry of highway corridors and thoroughfares intersect with the unrestrained, organic forms of nature.

In McSavaney’s paintings, the division between the varying shades of grey hard-edge walls and asphalt roads is frequently ruptured by the encroachment of overhanging green trees and the eccentric dark shadows that they cast.

In each of his audio compositions, McSavaney has created pieces that at once, with eyes closed, create aural landscapes on their own while also, with eyes open, provide a soundtrack to the collection of paintings.

The McSavaney exhibition opens at 2pm on Saturday, November 8th at the Art Gallery at the Evergreen in Coquitlam. I may be heading over there on Saturday (opening day) so if you see me, be sure to say hello.

  • Evergreen Cultural Centre
  • 1205 Pinetree Way
  • Coquitlam