Vancouver Aquarium Sea Otter Awareness Week

What’s brown, furry and fun all over? That would be sea otters, the playful marine mammals that are known for their unique dining habits and photo-worthy faces.

Elfin the Sea Otter
Elfin the Sea Otter

And if you are looking for something to do with your kidlets this weekend, this is your time to better get to know the sea otters who are living or staying at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre.

This weekend is the last few days of Sea Otter Awareness Week. Front and centre will be the Vancouver Aquarium’s four sea otters—Elfin, Katmai, Tanu and Wally. Each of these furry critters have their own incredible rescue stories.

At the Life in a Kelp Forest show, visitors will gain an understanding of kelp forests and the sea otter’s role in maintaining the health of these important ecosystems.

During the Spotlight on Sea Otters program at the sea otters’ habitat visitors will learn about the training and enrichment that the four rescued sea otters at Vancouver Aquarium receive.

For photo enthusiasts, the Aquarium has set up a #seaotterselfie spot, located in a prime place to snap a photo with sea otters in the background. As you watch them in their habitat, it’ll become clear that sea otters spend their day doing three main activities: eating, sleeping and grooming.

Other interesting sea otter facts:

  • A healthy sea otter’s skin never gets wet because their fur is so dense.
  • Predators include killer whales, sharks, and sea lions; bald eagles prey on sea otter pups.
  • They are one of the few tool-using mammals and use rocks to break open their food.