Vancouver Canucks Games; Entertainment or…

I was thinking about our Vancouver Canucks the other day after listening to Neil McRae do his morning sports commentary on CKNW. McRae was ripping the Canucks pretty thoroughly because the team had just lost their fourth game in a row. He was ripping the team but he was really giving it to the coach, Alain Vigneault.

According to Neil McRae, Alain Vigneault, the same coach who won the Jack Adams award (coach of the year) in 2007 and has coached the Canucks to winning records every year that he has been the coach, according to McRae, Vigneault is the worst coach the Canucks have ever had and should have been fired before he was even hired!

Neil McRae is of the mind that because Vigneault has not yet coached the Canucks to a Stanley Cup he has completely and utterly failed as a coach.

Now I understand that the Canucks not only lost the game against Chicago (the stinker on November 21st) but their level of effort stunk as well. However, that was an exception. Usually, even if they lose a game, they play a pretty entertaining style of hockey. And the reason I attend regular season games is simply for the entertainment. I actually do not care if the game I see is a win or a loss; I am simply interested in the entertainment of the game.

What is it for you, entertainment or is it all about the Stanley Cup? Make no mistake, I would love to see Lord Stanley’s Cup being hoisted in Vancouver (by the Canucks). But it is not the end of the world if the team slips into a four or five game losing skid. I love the wins but I also love the entertainment factor. What about for you?


  1. Strictly for the entertainment…I have been injured too many times jumping off the bandwagon!

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