Vancouver Canucks to Make Significant Trade

I usually stay away from sports commentary and trade rumours but with the Vancouver Canucks continuing to slide closer and closer towards missing the play-offs, I can’t help but watch the NHL news for trade rumours and deals.

In this case though, I am going to make a very bold Canucks trade prediction. Yes, I am going WAAAAY out on a limb here and predicting that after the Olympic break and some time before the March 5th trade deadline, the Canuck’s GM Mike Gillis is going to ask at least two members from the core of the team to waive their no-trade clause so he can trade them out of Vancouver.

The Canucks players will say yes to a trade because they understand that they do not fit into the Tortorella coaching system AND because they will be traded to a team that is always a Stanley Cup contender AND because the team they will be traded to has some history rehabilitating the careers of players who’s careers have flat-lined while wearing the Canucks jersey.

So who are these two players? Why yes, I am predicting that the Vancouver Canucks will ask the Sedins to waive their no-trade clauses so that they can be dealt to the Detroit Red Wings.

This idea came to me this afternoon while I was listening to the Canucks pre-game show. Detroit has a long history of drafting Swedish players – 48 of them since 1981. The Red Wings have also signed 9 Swedish free agents with the perhaps the most noteworthy Swede to play for the Wings being Niklas Lidstrom.

Henrik and Daniel Sedin would likely be an easy rehabilitation project for Mike Babcock and the Detroit Red Wings organization.

You can say you heard it here first. And if it doesn’t come to pass, well, what do I know about hockey anyway.


  1. Stacey: Stick to all the other great things you cover – the Sedins are here to stay and the salary cap will likely make it impossible. Go Canucks, Go!

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