Vancouver Opera’s La Traviata Back Stage Party

Truly a fabulous evening at Vancouver Opera’s opening night of LA Traviata. I will post more a little later but for now I will just add these photos;

Sir Jonathan Miller
Sir Jonathan Miller

First is this pic of me and Sir Jonathan Miller, yes, “Sir” meaning he has been knighted. However, he much prefers to be addressed as Doctor Miller. So completely gracious when I asked if he would have his picture taken with me! His reply? “Of course, with pleasure .” Imagine that being said with a gentle English accent. I might have been swooning just a little at the time.

I asked how his experience has been working with the Vancouver Opera company and he said that it has been a lovely experience.




David Pomeroy (Alfredo) and Isabella Bywater
David Pomeroy (Alfredo) and Isabella Bywater

And then there is me with David Pomeroy who sang the part of Alfredo, the leading man in La Traviata. And a man who has incredible fashion taste in jackets.

Isabella Bywater, the Scenic and Costume designer decided to add herself to our Kodak moment.

David Pomeroy, like Sir-Dr Miller was very gracious. I can only imagine the emotional high that Pomeroy must be coming down from after singing the lead of opening night of La Traviata and then having all these fawning fans to deal with. He was very gracious and accommodating.

I felt a twinge of sadness knowing that this is the last opera of this season but I will remember it as a fabulous season of opera, fashion and friends. Fabulous.

I give a special thanks to my blogger colleagues Frances Sprout and her significant other, Paul who put up with my constant questions about the politics of west coast fisheries and the ocean environment.

Although it was the first night for me to meet Left Coast Mama and her plus one, Tracey Rossignol we had a great time discussing fashion and opera and our lives at home with our little ones.

This has been a season of fabulous opera experiences. I know I keep saying fabulous but I cannot think of another word to describe the experience. Absolutely fabulous. A season I will not soon forget.


  1. OMG Stacey, you guys should be on some fashion circuit! A coincidental kismet of coordination and panache! Lovely.

    If you weren’t already committed (hmmm) I would say you and David Pomeroy would make a lovely couple. Or, if men aren’t your style, Left Coast Mama seems a match made in heaven for the creator of “The Left Coast”. Well, until one checks out her website and realizes she’s an right-coaster trying to manage living on the left coast. Guess you’ll have to take those fancy duds and just head on home to your beautiful wife and not-so-babies with the taste of fun and fabulousness upon you!

    Sounds like a terrific evening (if only the music were a little more rock ‘n’ roll….) heehee

  2. I’m envious — wishing we’d stayed for the after-party, altho’ my jetlag had stripped me of any party social skills. Still, what a photo op you got!
    Such a fun year we had, sitting at that table. Paul and I very much enjoyed the chat before, after, and in between. Hope we bump into each other again. Meanwhile, I’ll pop into your blog from time to time and check out how quickly those little people are growing.

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