Vancouver Opera’s World Premiere of Lillian Alling

We are very honoured to announce that Stacey Robinsmith dot com has been chosen to live-blog the world premiere of Vancouver Opera’s performance of Lillian Alling.

The opening night of the world premiere of Vancouver Opera’s Lillian Alling is Saturday, October 16th. And we will be there!!





2 responses to “Vancouver Opera’s World Premiere of Lillian Alling”

  1. caitlyn James Avatar

    Apparently, we will be there on different nights. Oh well, I would only have caused a scene … anything to get into your famous blog-report! Even go to an opera.

    I’m actually pretty stoked about this opera because it is in English for starters and because the story reminds me of my grandmother’s story.

    My grandmother came from the Old Country – in this case Germany-Poland – in the 1920’s (I have her old passport somewhere and could look, but I’m awaiting the arrival of a dinner date.) She came by sea and had her name changed by immigration and then set off to find my grandfather – whose name had also been changed. She didn’t speak English, she was young, and she had no idea where Saskatchewan was in relation to Montreal … or the size of it!

    Stacey, you can tell the opera story. BTW, my grandmother never went to jail, but she did drive by Oakalla once they moved to Chilliwack, BC and later, when my aunt lived in Burnaby.

  2. caitlyn James Avatar

    Oh, and for even more commenting … my other grandmother was named Lillian – and she was born in Nelson, BC. In 1910. She would have been 100 this past summer. Almost made it – she’s only been gone 4 years!

    But, how, you ask (my dinner date has been delayed by traffic) did my parents ever meet with such a distance between them?

    Well, my grandmother’s family moved to Saskatchewan. She grew up there. She birthed my mother there. My father, born to the German-Polish grandmother was also born in Saskatchewan. So, of course, my parents met in downtown Vancouver where they both worked as young adults. ;-P