Vancouver Restaurants; Gone but not Forgotten

News that the classic Vancouver institution known as The Elbow Room is closing got me thinking about a few of the Vancouver restaurants that have closed.

The first one that comes to mind is the Hastings Street seafood restaurant affectionately known as The Only.

Right down in the heart of the downtown Eastside, The Only Seafood Cafe was the place to get seafood in Vancouver. To say it was unpretentious is an understatement. The Only “experience” will never be replicated.

Another gone but not for forgotten eatery from my past – McLeans. The greasy spoon breakfast place that sat just east of Burrard on Broadway.

Countless weekend mornings my friends and I would wander up to McLeans for copious amounts of coffee and breakfast. Just a very simple greasy spoon cafe that served completely unpretentious food. Good people serving good food.

And then there is Delilah’s. One of the Vancouver institutions, like The Elbow Room that I regretfully have to say I never tried. Perhaps a victim of their success?

They had a perfect little location that always had a wait. And then they moved into a larger location and then…they are no more.

I’m sad to say that I never had a chance to enjoy Delilah’s.

Are there Vancouver area restaurants that are now gone that you miss? Feel free to mention them in the comments.