The Vancouver Wellness Show 2018

I was invited to attend the Vancouver Wellness Show again this year and I happily accepted the invitation. I always find it interesting to see the latest ideas and trends in healthy lifestyles and healthy foods.

The following video is a little montage of some of the images I captured from the Vancouver Wellness Show. Have a look.

I was going to see which phrase I heard first “gluten-free” or “no sugar added” and…I wasn’t on the convention floor for more than 30 seconds when I heard “no really, it tastes great and, there’s no sugar added!”

Wellness Show

And the truth is, the pure pomegranate juice did taste great! Sure, it was quite tart but, hey, no sugar added and it is loaded with antioxidants.

I did notice that there was significantly less “buzz” about gluten-free products. I wonder if that is now old news for the healthy eating crowd?

Wellness Show

Other than “no sugar added” I did see quite a few exhibitors with turmeric products. And, related to the turmeric, I also heard a number of vendors mention “social enterprise”.

“Social enterprise” in the sense that the vendor works with the local growers and producers rather than buying product from a faceless business. Interesting approach – growing a business and a community.

Overall, I really enjoyed the energy of the Wellness Show this year. I didn’t have time to take part in the cooking demonstrations but I did see that they were drawing large crowds – especially when they were giving away samples of the foods they were cooking!

The Vancouver Wellness Show is on again tomorrow – Sunday, February 18th. And, it is important to note that the show is back under the sails in the Vancouver Convention at 999 Canada Place