Vegetarianism and Gluten Free Diets

It is an interesting experiment to tell people that you follow some special kind of diet. Take for example when I was a vegetarian (I was not what you would call a strict vegetarian, I just didn’t eat mammal flesh).

When I told people I was a vegetarian they were immediately concerned about my health and I frequently heard comments like, “You must have to take a LOT of supplements”. Or this one, “You know my sister’s cousin was a strict vegan and she was so sick all the time.” I typically enjoyed the stupid advice and concern people had for my health.

The funny thing is, about three years ago I just decided not to be a full time vegetarian. I felt like eating a hamburger. So I did. By the way, what is your favourite fast food burger?

Now, I no longer say I am a vegetarian because once a week I eat a hamburger from one fast food joint or another. People no longer need to worry about my health.

Anyway, I have been reading about gluten. Actually a member of my advisory board was tasked with reading the book, Wheat Belly. Apparently it is quite informative and I have been told it has some very useful information in it.

I went to the Wheat Belly website and blog. Interesting reading. However, it is comments on some of the articles that made me howl in laughter. So many people commented with things like, “I am a registered dietician and the advice you provide here is very dangerous!”

The basics of the advice? “Stop eating bread.” or “Gluten is bad for you.” That’s essentially it. That and the fact that gluten is in things you would never suspect, like ketchup. Did you know ketchup has gluten in it? Me neither.

The comments on the blog are quite angry. They warn people to not change their diet or if they do dare to make a change to their diet they MUST check with their doctor before making a change.

Really? If I am going to stop eating bread I need to check with my doctor? Get serious. Which brings me back to my point about being vegetarian; if I am a vegetarian people are concerned. If I don’t say anything and I eat one greasy burger a week, apparently all my health concerns are solved. Same for gluten; if I say I don’t eat gluten people are concerned about my health.

*Just for the record, some of the points I have made here are exaggerated to make a point. Keep in mind that not everything you read on the internet is true.