Veggie Dogs Vs the Mystery Meat Wiener

I was at a barbecue earlier today. The objects being barbecued were hotdogs. The good folks organizing the communal feast were kind enough to recognize and accomodate me being a vegetarian. They brought along veggie dogs for me.

The funny part of this story is that when serving me a veggie dog, the person at the grill said, “I don’t know how you can eat these. What do they put in them?”

Now even if I was not a vegetarian I don’t think “meat” wieners would be part of my diet. When you consider, what part of a vegetable is it that they might put in the veggie dogs that is so disgusting? Which part of a vegetable is so repulsive, especially compared to a “meat” wiener?

A better question might have been, how can you eat the mystery-meat wiener? “All beef”? What part of the beef do they grind so fine that it is beyond any recognition to make wieners?





2 responses to “Veggie Dogs Vs the Mystery Meat Wiener”

  1. Kelsey Keller Avatar
    Kelsey Keller

    I couldn’t agree more! Ive been a carnivoer for almost 5 years now and have yet to eat ‘meat’ wieners! Kahlen and I both eat the veggie kind though 😉 YUm!

  2. Sue Avatar

    Veggie smokies are the best! And when comparing calories and fat (not to mention the additives) they come out WAAY ahead ofthe meat kind. I think more people should give them a chance.