Venison Vs Farmed Salmon

Funny thing happened to me this weekend. A thing that made me go hmmmm…

Let me back up a bit. Last fall a friend of mine who lives near the Kootenays – actually his home is in what is known as Boundary Country – the area between the Okanagon and the Kootenays gave me three small venison steaks from a deer that he harvested.

When I say “harvested” you should know what I actually mean is that he went out into the wilderness with a rifle, tracked a deer, and then shot and killed it. Once you kill an animal, that is when the real work begins.

He packed it out of the wilderness and then “processed” the carcass. You know, cut it open and removed the skin, guts, and head and all that stuff. And of course he cut the carcass up into useable portions like steaks, tenderloins, roasts, burger, and stuff.

Anyway, I have not eaten venison (deer meat) for a very long time so I asked my bestie if I could try a little of the meat and being a bestie, he said yes, and gave me three venison steaks.


I marinated the steaks for a day in a bit of olive oil, a shot of soy sauce, some red wine vinegar, and a couple of finely chopped cloves of garlic and some parsley before grilling them on my Traeger.

Four minutes per side at 450 and they were ready.


My goodness they were delicious! And tender? YES. Delicious.

Fast forward to the funny part of the story.

I made myself a steak sandwich and took it to work where I was telling a colleague about my venison steak sandwich. A couple of people were all “ewwww, that is so disgusting to eat a wild animal that was so cruelly killed”.

And yet those same people will go to a sushi or seafood restaurant and ask if the salmon is farmed or wild.

If it is farmed salmon they will not eat it. They want wild salmon.

But they want farmed meat. Not wild meat.