Video Review of the NutSac Satchel Pro

Disclosure: Although I did purchase a used NutSac satchel from a friend, the folks at NutSac were kind enough to send me the NutSac Satchel Pro that I used to create this video. As always, editorial control of what I say remains under my control.

I encourage you to learn more about the back story of the NutSac company by visiting their webpage. It is an interesting story. But I still struggle with the name. Just saying.

Okay…so I recorded this video while at my cabin and I did not have access to an indoor toilet nor the internet so I couldn’t check the NutSac website to read up on their back story. Now that I am back to the land of indoor plumbing, I have checked their website for info on how they came to be called NutSac – here’s what I found:

NutSac was named because the founders realized that you’d have to be a little bit nuts to manufacture in America and compete against cheap products. You’d also have to be a bit nuts to try to source American-made materials. And you’d have to be really nuts to trust that your customers will value your commitment to fair business practices and quality design.

We’ve heard that some unscrupulous people make rude double-entendres on our name, but we disavow all such behavior.

So there you go.


  1. Cool bag. Looks like it is super useful. Why isn’t it all leather? I guess I can love it anyway!

    • The NutSac bags are relatively inexpensive and lightweight compared to bags made completely of leather. Waxed canvas bags, like Filson bags, are an alternative to all leather bags.

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