The Vita-Mix; My Favourite Appliance

One of my all time favourite kitchen appliances is my Vita-Mix. The Vita-Mix is so much more than a blender! I believe it has a 2 horsepower motor that drives the blade inside the container at something like 20,000 rpm. Crazy powerful.

I used to use my Vita-Mix everyday because it is so easy to use. But then I moved into a condo and, well, the only negative about the Vita-Mix is how noisy it is. So when living in a condo, it is not nice to get up at 6:30am and run the appliance. That will guarantee nasty notes from your neighbours.

So I got out of the habit of using it. But now, after my second hospitalization, and some changes I’m making to my diet, I’m now getting back into the habit of using it!

For example today I used the Vita-mix to make fresh carrot soup. I went out to the garden, pulled up a handful of our carrots, washed them off, and then coarse chopped them into two cups of water.

I brought the water and the carrots to a boil and then let the carrots cook for about two or three minutes.

Then I poured the boiling water and carrots into the Vita-Mix container. A quick rinse of the pot and the dishes from making dinner are almost done.

Sadly, I’m out of veggie stock so I just skipped that. However, I do have oatmeal so I spooned in four heaping teaspoons of rolled oats. Yes, uncooked, dry oats. The rolled oats? Just to add another layer of healthy to the soup. And a big teaspoon of corn starch to thicken the soup.

I also had about a quarter cup of cheddar cheese that I chopped into cubes and added that to the container. And then I set it to blend.

Let it rip for two minutes on the “high” setting and voila- I had a couple bowls of fresh carrot soup.

I poured a couple bowls from the Vita-Mix container, added a pinch of grated Parmesan and a dollop of sour cream and dinner was served.

The best part? My kids actually liked it! And it is healthy!