Vlog #6 – The Smoked Meat Expedition

My sixth vlog – this time I am outstanding in my field while discussing where to get a great smoked meat sandwich while you are in Vancouver.





5 responses to “Vlog #6 – The Smoked Meat Expedition”

  1. thatsawrap Avatar

    Enjoyed this blog report. May try Dunn’s and Ovaltine…

    A more secure camera would make watching easier.

  2. Michael Kwan Avatar

    Outstanding or out standing? Is that a dad joke or a typo?

    1. stacey Avatar

      Just a little dad humour. Outstanding while out standing in the field. Or something like that.

  3. P Avatar

    Farmers are often outstanding in their fields! HaHa. Smoked meat and Rueben sandwiches really need good mustard and Ruebens must have sauerkraut. Sounds like you had a yummy excursion to the smoked meat planet.

    1. stacey Avatar

      So true. The Ovaltine Cafe sandwich had a lovely layer of sauerkraut and the sandwich at Timber had a solid spread of grainy mustard.