Vlog #6 – The Smoked Meat Expedition

My sixth vlog – this time I am outstanding in my field while discussing where to get a great smoked meat sandwich while you are in Vancouver.


  1. Enjoyed this blog report. May try Dunn’s and Ovaltine…

    A more secure camera would make watching easier.

    • Just a little dad humour. Outstanding while out standing in the field. Or something like that.

  2. Farmers are often outstanding in their fields! HaHa. Smoked meat and Rueben sandwiches really need good mustard and Ruebens must have sauerkraut. Sounds like you had a yummy excursion to the smoked meat planet.

    • So true. The Ovaltine Cafe sandwich had a lovely layer of sauerkraut and the sandwich at Timber had a solid spread of grainy mustard.

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